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We sell New Items and Re-sale items!!

NEW items, we put a lot of thought and research in to choosing our new items so that you, as a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, can shop easily knowing that we have found the best products available for you and your little ones. Such as ingredients in sunblock, lotions, soaps, etc… are NOT harmful for your children. Clothing and toys, we feel the same! You deserve the best quality on the market!!
RE-SALE items, we are very choosy (picky) as to what we buy from our customers, it must be great quality, We love our customers excitement when finding their favorite brands at great prices.
We love being able to cater to everyone’s needs without compromising quality. Our stores are an experience, in that when you come in it is hard to even tell that we sell resale at first look, as everything is easily organized for your shopping ease.
Our staff know our products inside and out. So if you need a baby carrier, they will fit you and make sure you love it before you buy it!

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