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Frequently Answered Questions

They go in our 25 cent sale, after they cycle through that they are donated to Women’s Space and local Churches in our community who then distribute it to families in need.

From our amazing customers! And merchandise from our racks that aren’t selling, The stuff we pass on our customers can choose to leave them to be donated, versus making an extra trip to Goodwill (Goodwill will not take most kids items) 

We have to make a profit too, as the risk of it not selling is on us.

We pay our employees by the hour, this takes them off the floor to clean your items which cost us money.

We buy so much that we do not have time or the man/woman power to wash laundry.

7 days with tags attached and receipt for in store credit. We do NOT do cash refunds.

No, but you can buy the item use it and when your done with it bring it back in to sell to us and get half of what you paid! (May be less depending on returning condition)

These brands are what most our customers desire. We have tried other brands and they don’t sell well. And in turn we loose money with unwanted brands.

This is were you can leave your stuff to be looked at and leave. You don’t have to wait. Convenient for busy schedules. Please read the drop and Run form before doing so. 

A regular size basket, Box, small tote, or hard bottom bag. Please No oversized boxes or totes.

They get lost and we can’t sell items with out all the pieces.  

No, you would have to dispose of it to the garbage,  just as we would have too. Or contact the manufacturer for a refund. Please don’t leave such items on the side of our store.

Yes we do! We are very serious about the safety standards we are selling to our customers.

  1. What if your kids are growing out of our store? We can offer a cash offer but will be lower than trade amount
  2. What if for whatever reason you don’t need a store credit? We can offer a cash offer but this option will be lower than trade amount
  3. Want to just DONATE? We can do this as long as the items is NOT recalled
  4. What if what I have won’t meet your standards? Just simply put in a separate bag and let us know it is strictly donate, this saves us and you time going through items that are stained, ripped or torn.
  5. Where do my donated items go? They first go to our 25 cent sale, then to Woman’s Space, and or local church
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